Monday, 30 November 2009


I came across the hundred days project through Scottish musician The Pictish Trail. The idea is to do something for 100 days from the 1st of December, something which makes you a better person. Initially I thought, 'oh, I could learn a new French verb every day, that'll be useful for my degree' but then checked the website, and it seemed everybody was thinking the same thing. I wanted to be at least semi-original, so I looked at the critical mass of unplayed CDs on my floor and thought I really should listen to them, and maybe I could use that for 100 days...
Now obviously, that wouldn't necessarily make me a better person, except for expanding my musical knowledge, so I decided to blog about each daily CD in the hope it'll make me a better CD reviewer.
So,here we are. Looking at the pile, there'll probably be a lot of folk (the entire Pentangle discography is lurking in there somewhere) and some foreign-language stuff, but apart from that, who knows? 100 days of musical discovery: Let's roll.