Thursday, 10 December 2009

Dec, 10th:...y que poquito dinero me pagan por mi sudor

Afro-Cuban All Stars-Distinto, Diferente (World Circuit, 1999)

The All Stars are the project of Juan de Marcos Gonzalez, who was partly behind  Buena Vista Social  Club, and included many of the same musicians (Ibrahim Ferrer, Rubén Gonzalez, Guajiro Mirabal). This is their second album, a follow-up to A Todo Cuba Le Gusta. The title is apt, since,well, different from their debut, seemingly aiming for a more pan-hispanic, crossover sound, more jazzy and with a lounge feel in places. The playing is still olympic and the talent undeniable, but it feels as if some of the rougher edges have been smoothed over; nothing here really matches their version of 'Amor Verdadero' for me. 'Al Vaivén De Mi Carreta' comes close,but no cigar.
The standout elements of what is a very good ensemble effort are, for me, Ferrer's wonderfully expressive voice and the lively trumpet of Guajiro Mirabal. Buy Distinto... by all means, but buy A Todo... and BVSC at the same time, to experience just how good these musicians can be.

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